Updated:       March 06, 2019      10:35 PM

Rail Festival:  The next committee meeting will be Wednesday, APRIL 10, 2019 at 7 PM in the Carillon Park main building (aka Kettering Bldg).  

The last two meetings are:   May 8 and June 6    ***** NOTE: The  June meeting will be on THURSDAY, June 06. 

Vendors – See the Vendor Info page.

The NEXT Carillon Park Rail and Steam Society  (CPRSS.org)  public train run will be April 06, 2019.   Train rides are one dollar per ride per person.  Please bring CASH as we are not yet set up for plastic and electronic banking.  Note that access to Carillon Park is still separately required, either by paid admission or is free for  Dayton History  members.

Rail Festival is always the weekend after Father’s Day. 

Below is a YouTube link to a live steam locomotive running at Carillon Park on October 2016.   It is a 1/8th scale miniature locomotive that the engineer running it built himself.

Visit CPRSS.org to learn more about the Carillon Park Rail and Steam Society train club and our public passenger train run schedule for 2019.

Please contact Joe Mock at 937-829-9135,   joe.mock@gmail.com   for any questions or constructive comments that you may have.