Updated June 30, 2015   10:20 AM

The POST-Rail Festival committee meeting has been set for  Wednesday –  JULY 8th, 2015  at  7 PM at the same location:  Carillon Historical Park in the main building in the Iams Room.  The activities of the 2015 Rail Festival, including any lessons learned, will be discussed and reviewed, as well as discussing plans for the 2016 Rail Festival.

 Note: Some committee members meet at 5:30 in the Carillon Brewery Company to eat before the meeting.    Click here for menu and beverage info: CarillonBrewingCo.org



***  NOTE:  All non-food vendors, model railroad groups, historical societies, and other railroad related groups that want to occupy a site at the 2015 Rail Festival must register using the registration form available on the Vendor page (see link above)  ***

***  FOOD VENDORS must contact David Oroszi directly, david.oroszi@usa.net, phone 937-238-5655.  ***

*** Registering after MAY 15th will have an additional fee of $10.00  ***

   For additional registration information, contact David Oroszi, david.oroszi@usa.net, phone 937-238-5655.


Rail Festival 2014 was was a great success!  See the numerous pictures on the Photos page.

Visit  CPRSS.org  to learn about the club and our passenger run schedule.

The NEXT public train run of 2015 is Saturday & Sunday, June 27 & 28, 2015,   during the Rail Festival.

(Note:  Train rides are $1 per person for all day or $10 for the season for the family.  Park admission is also required.)

Please contact Joe Mock at  937-829-9135   joe.mock@gmail.com    for any questions or constructive comments that you may have.