Updated Sept 18, 2014   9:40 PM

The 2015 Rail Festival has been scheduled for    June 27 & 28,  2015.      Mark your calendars.

Rail Festival 2014 was was a great success!  See the numerous pictures on the Photos page.

*****  The next Rail Festival committee meeting is planned for October 8th,  2014.  This is the second Wednesday of the month which is the typical committee meeting day.  This day has not been completely finalized so check back to this website for a possible update.  *****

Visit the CPRSS.org website to learn about the club and our passenger run schedule.

The next public train run is       Saturday October  4th, 2014   from    1 PM to  4 PM.

(Note:  Train rides are $1 per person for all day or $10 for the season for the family.  Park admission is also required.)


RailFestival_2014flyer_Fixed Note: Numerous vendors will be on-site selling locomotives, cars, track, switches, layout supplies for virtually all scales.

Also for sale will be railroad related books, videos, hats, cups, signs, etc.  Be sure to check out all of the tents and numerous building where these items will be for sale and model train displays that are in action there.

Rail Festival Committee:  Congratulations on a very successful Rail Festival.  

Please contact Joe Mock at  937-829-9135   joe.mock@gmail.com    for any questions or constructive comments that you may have.