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Updated: May 5, 2024 @ 2:39 pm

Carillon Park Rail & Steam Society, Inc

Carillon Park Rail & Steam Society, Inc. is an independent, all-volunteer, not for profit, Ohio Corporation dedicated to the preservation and education of the rail and steam heritage of the Miami Valley area of Ohio. In addition the Society also promotes the hobby of large scale, live steam railroading.

In co-operation with Dayton History’s Carillon Historical Park Museum and to support the Museum’s education mission, CPR&SS has built and operates the 1/8th scale Carillon Park Railroad as a working, interactive exhibit of the Museum.  Our goal is to compliment the Museum’s fine collection of historical railroad, interurban & trolley equipment and help bring these magnificent static displays to life.

Carillon Historical Park Museum

The Carillon Historical Park (CHP) Museum is one of the “Dayton History” family of non-profit, privately owned and endowed history resources.  This beautiful open air museum presents exhibits on items of industrial and cultural significance to Dayton, Ohio and the surrounding area.  The Museum is open to the public.  A daily admission fee is charged.  Annual Memberships are also available.


The Carillon Park Railroad was built with education by demonstration in mind.  A complete operating 1/8th scale railroad with the sights and sounds of the railroad industry from its earliest days to the present.  All locomotive types: steam, electric and diesel, are operated on the railroad and serve to both preserve and demonstrate historical technologies

The railroad completed its original 1200ft track in 1987.  It has grown through the years to its present size of just over a mile (8 scale miles) and includes the facilities in common use on railroads through out the world: switches, bridges, a tunnel, storage yards, turntable and maintenance facilities.

The ultimate demonstration is to take a ride on the railroad. Passenger trains for Museum visitors are operated from 1:00 to 4:00PM on 14 days in late spring, summer and early fall and for other special events through out the year.

For their own enjoyment, testing of new locomotives, new equipment or for engineer training, Society members may operate their own and/or club equipment either before and/or after the scheduled Museum operating session.

In addition to regular and special event operations, the Society also demonstrates the railroad each spring for the hundreds of local area school students making field trips to the CHP Museum. During the summer the Society participates in the CHP Museum History Day Camp.

Many Society members build or purchase their own equipment which they may operate for their own enjoyment and/or participate in the museum operating sessions.  You don’t have to have your own equipment.  The Society owns two scale locomotives and 12 riding cars.  This equipment may be operated by any member certified as an operating engineer by the club.


The Society operates as an open membership organization.  Any responsible member of the general public who has an interest in the historical significance of railroading in the U.S. may join the Society.  Three over-riding principles guide Society actions & operations:


2) Educate the Public/Preserve History

3) Provide an enjoyable experience for Society members and Museum visitors.

Decisions on activities, policies, procedures, finances and expenditures are made by the membership at large in open meetings.  Society Officers are elected every other year and are responsible for administering Society business at the direction of the membership.

The Society members build, operate and maintain the railroad on a volunteer basis, contributing over 3500 hours a year.  The Society receives no funding from Dayton History.  Dayton History provides the land the railroad is built on, water and electricity.  Any permanent structures and the track become the property of the Carillon Historical Park Museum upon installation

The primary sources of income for the Society are Museum visitor riding membership dues, full member dues and donations of material or funds from businesses and individuals.  We maintain 501-C-3 status with the IRS and all donations to the Society are tax deductible.


Please go to the  CPRSS.org  website for train club membership, meeting dates, train run dates, work days, and other information.